Merging Fields

DXE LLC is an R&D company, specializing in:

E/O, EM and Electronic solutions for the Defense, Scientific, Communications and Medical communities

  • Utilizing networked technologies to manage projects with global reach
  • Staff includes physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and business specialists
  • DXE LLC is structured for efficient resource allocation in the technical and scientific disciplines
  • Providing experience and technical depth matched to customer needs
  • Leading-edge development in a timely and cost-effective framework

DXE LLC Company Profile

DXE LLC corporate headquarters are in Dallas, Texas; with offices in: Chicago, Baltimore, Tucson and Phoenix. Partner companies DXE (consulting) and Versatec (specialty E/O and electronics manufacturing) provide a full solution for concept-to-production development.

DXE LLC's experience base includes:


  • 3D Hyperspectral LADAR
  • Ultra-Long-Range High-Resolution Imaging: UV, Vis, IR,SWIR,MIR, LWIR
  • Long-Range Wideband Spectrophotometry
  • Satcom: Secure Multi-Gigabit Up/Down-Link Equipment; SDR

Defense and Homeland Security

  • Long-Range Passive/Active Threat Detection and Threat Protection
  • All-Band Detection/Imaging (RF/Microwave/mm/THz/IR/Vis/UV)
  • Long-Life Self-Networking (Miniaturized / Distributed) Imaging, Detection and Tracking
  • Long-Range EO/CM and ECM
  • Missile Vision Systems, Image Fusion (I2/SWIR/FLIR)


  • Low-Dose High-Frame-Rate X-ray Imaging
  • Gamma-Ray Tomography
  • Ultra-Wide-Dynamic-Range Wideband Spectrophotometry
  • Medical Forensics and Analysis Equipment
  • Automated and Robotic Test and Manufacturing Equipment
  • Cooled/Uncooled Detector Development: THz, VLW, LW, MW, SWIR, NIR, Vis, UV, Gamma-Ray
  • Integrated-Signal-Processing FPAs
  • Custom Gen II/III Image Intensification
  • Secure Communication
  • Signal Processing / Image Processing
  • Picosecond/Femtosecond Gated Imaging

DXE LLC Market Focus

DXE LLC's customer base includes aerospace companies, government laboratories, government agencies, defense contractors, universities, telecom and communication companies and medical / scientific enterprises. 

DXE provides leading-edge solutions in E/O and electronic technologies, with a commitment to and record of timely, affordable development of cost-effective products.